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A comment on this work by J. Holiday, President of St. Lucie Professional Arts League: "This is your best work yet."

(Professionally framed on the wall below)

(Professionally framed on the wall below)

A trip down Melrose Avenue from The Ed hardy Store to the Beverly Hills Mall...

This item is for sale, see information below picture.

Detailed scan right below

The above Work, " Melrose" is for sale PROFESSIONALLY FRAMED for $400

Please contact me by email [email protected] or please use the paypal link below


Gifts with Copies of my Art Work on them.

See below

PLEASE do not wash "Dazzle" mugs in dishwasher. Wash by hand.

news ways of looking at art

Collages & drawings.

"Collage for Sissy"

Take your time and look at it. Sissy is the one next to the words "Mischief Maker" shaking her fist!

Look for real flamingo feather from Philadelphia ZOO on skateboarding Flamingo's tail.

Can you recognize the term in German on the picture? So you know what this well known term means ? (Hint: Hegelian philosophy) - not much of a hint actually..

(Scroll down for more collages and odd pictures & videos.)

Ink drawing

Below: "Fuddy Dudders' Holiday" drawing of my blue eyed white rex cats drawn for my grandson William. It is done in his arts pens.

Below is "Negative color copy" done by color copy machine. Compare the colors on each. Example: Look at the palms on both.

Good Morning Collage for Tracy.. (Real Flamingo Feather in her hair from Philadelphia ZOO !)

My Rex cat, Fuddy Dudder looks at "Collage for Dossy"

Dossy's Collage