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Pop Art

Quite a lot of my work has Pop influence, sometimes coupled with Art Deco interest and Mattise Style. From Mattise I got the interest in decorative art. My initial wish was to create something so colorful that it would "zap" your senses when seen , as happens when one encounters many of the Mattise pieces.

This work is Pop Art, not technically Art Deco, however this Diva is very much in the spirit of Art Deco. The Chrysler Building in NYC pictured here is one of the most beautiful examples of Art Deco Architecture and was designed by Roger Allen in the 1930's. The vases and clock here have a Deco flavor. The curtain and painting have geometric figures popular in Deco pictures.

This 3D work is owned by a lady in Idaho.

Posters of this picture are available on the page "collage and zazzle creations" link